Theodore R. McKeldin

Theodore R. McKeldin served as Commissioner for the Indian Claims Commission
Cultural Narrative: 

Theodore R. McKeldin was born on November 20,1900 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Baltimore City College for his undergraduate degree and furthered his education at the University of Maryland where he earned a degree in law in 1925. McKeldin's public service career began in 1927 in which he served as the Executive Secretary to the Mayor of Baltimore. He was later elected the Mayor of Baltimore and served from 1943 to 1947. McKeldin was elected for two terms as the Maryland Governor, serving in 1950 and 1954. From 1963 to 1967, McKeldin returned to the position of the mayor of Baltimore. He was later appointed an interim position for the Indian Claims Commission by President Johnson. Theodore R. McKeldin passed away on August 10, 1974 and was buried in Baltimore, Maryland.