Miami National Council Book (1860-1862), 25, National Council No. 17

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Continuation of meeting minutes of National Council No. 16, March 10, 1862. Statement by Onezopeah regarding the fraud issue. Meeting minutes of National Council No. 17, April 20, 1862. Discusses payments and the the purchase of goods and supplies.


One zop eah says that in the fall of 1859 there was a council held at my house for the purpose of heareing a Letter read and which we were to sign, Frank Aveline was there came with the U.S Interpreter Baptiste Peoria. The Council asked that George Washington who was present might read the Letter he is a Miami and the only one present who could read, he took the Letter and read it over to himself, and was about to interpret it to us when Baptiste stoped him. We did at first want to sign it when Aveline and Baptiste told it us it was all right and finally we signed it. Aveline promised to leave a coppy. Which he did he said and placed in my hands. It was after given to Ozandian, and has since been distroyed by fire. I was in Peola a few days Before the council and saw Aveline and Peoria there. There was with me Gote cop wah and Killsonzah sr they asked us to sign a Letter they had we refused and said it could only be done in council When Baptiste got angry and scolded us. I was at the Council at Ozandias and Agent Clover said we had done a wrong thing in signing the Letter. Baptiste said so too But he did not tell us so when we were signing it But said it was all right. Late that Fall one of our Tribe who can read writeing saw the coppy that Aveline said he had left us and when he read it he said there was something wrong for the coppy as it was was only an order from Breckenridge to Aveline to get a horse and Buggie in Lawrence. There were other Buisness transacted But I have accidentally lost the papers they were nothing however as the design was not carried out A G McKensie Clerk [page break] Council No 17 April 20th at this council held in Paola with the cheifs Agent Colton said that WW Pineo Would let the Miamis have credit to the amt of $20 per head and wait untill the anual payment provided the Indians would agree to allow him Pineo to collect off the Table. This the Indians said they were willing to do and they authorized their Clerk A G McKensie to see Pineo and Make the nessesarey arrangement which I did and Pineo and myself appointed a day for the cheifs to come up and sign the article of agreement. The Cheifs came up. When Pineo concluded that he could not furnish the amt of goods required and would go no further in the Buisness, the Indians then conclueded to take the sum of $206 which was in the Agents hands being the Ballance of the money set aside for J. C. Combs and purchase corn Flour with it for the use of the Nation the 29th April we started for Kansas City with 5 teams viz. Joseph Gebo, NopShingah, Onezapeah, Ely Gebo and Sam Stanley. The Agent was with us. He Bought the Flour of Dively. 77 sacks at $2,50 per sack amt to $192,50. The Agent then gave to NapShingah $6,00 as Expense Money the Whol amt to $198,50 leaveing a ballance on hand of $7,50. There was another team came in it was Peter Lafliere and he hauld out a load. The Flower was left at David Geboes and is not yet distributed