Miami National Council Book (1860-1862), 14

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Conclusion of the meeting minutes of National Council No. 4, May 18, 1861, regarding appropriation of funds for relief. Meeting minutes, June 15, 1861, regarding tribal response. Seeds and food were hauled with teams back for distribution. A list of allotment of the supplies were made, but that excluded the New York Indians living among the Miamis.


The foregoing Letter was read in Councill it was decided not to go But on a reasembling of the
councle they concluded to go and accept their proportion of the funds, decideing however that
they would Exchange the Beans at some place for Potatoes Bringing the Balance home for
distribution at Onzopeahs A Was allso decided that those haveing Teams and who would not go
To Leavensworth should have so much deducted from their share at the rate of 37 ½ cts per
hundred. But that those who had no teams and could not go should not be charged anything.
Tuseday the 21st of May 1861 was decided upon to start Council adjourned
AG McKensie, Clerk

June 15th 1861
In consequence of Information recived from Seth Clover the Former Agent the Miami
Indians of Kansas proceeded to Kansas City, Mo., with 14 teams for the purpose of recieveing
the Provisions sent them by the Government as their proportion of the sum of fifty thousand
dollars ($50,000) appropreated by the Last Congress for the releif of the destitute Indians of
Kansas. The proportion allotted to the Miamis was 300 bush Corn 40 bush Beans, and fifty bush
Potatoes A Gen Clover finally transfered the [whole?] matter over to The cheifs of the Tribe
reserveing for himself as he said by orders enough of the produce to cover his Expenses. For
which purpose he claimed and kept 250 b 50 bush Corn. Theifs then The Cheifs then receipted
for the Ballance of the Provisions. Giving Clover an order to pay out of certain money in his
hands the following sums $37.00 for freight from Leavensworth to Kansas including
[Commissioner?] storage &c on the above allso $10 which Clover paid the Cheifs for Expenses.
Allso $12.50 being the amt for 250 sacks said sacks having either haveing to be

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Returned to the [Gen] Agent at Chicago or paid for, allso $3,00 being the amount of toll
paid between West Point [Westport] and Kansas the Whol amt of order being Sixty two dollars and fifty
cents. The cheifs then concluded to sell the 250 bush corn to J. S. Chick at 45 cents per bush
and purchase flower. Which they did at the rate of $2.50 per sack, and in all 45 sacks. the
Cheifs haveing borrowed $30 from Agent Colton for Expenses and haveing more than they
deemed nessessary for that purpose it Was Expended For the purchase of 12 aditional sacks
Flower at the rate of 2.50 per sack Thirteen Teams was Loaded with the 57 sacks Flower 40
bushels Beans and Fifty bush Potatoes. Which was hauled to Onezopeahs on Middle Creek
Lykins County for distribution. The distribution took place on the 21st The Role was made out
including all who had not drawn anywhere else allso Eight New York Indians living with the
Miamies the whol number being 123. The following allotment was made to each head of flower
44 pounds to the head except the New York Indians who received 34, as they had no share in
the 12 sacks bought by the Miamies, of Beans 19 ½ lbs per head of potatoes 24 lbs per head.
Onezopeah was given one sack flower extra. The Weas who have hearetofore drawn with the
Miamies were struck out not being recognized as having a right to participate.
A G McKensie