Miami National Council Book (1860-1862), 13, National Council No. 4

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Clerk notation that April 25, 1861 Miamis left to haul seed purchased, received April 26, and that May 15 the rates were set. Meeting minutes of National Council No. 4, May 18, 1861, regarding appropriation of funds for relief. Copy of a letter received, dated May 17, 1861, regarding the distribution of funds for the relief of destitute Kansas Indians.


On Thursday April 25th 1861 The Miami Indians left for Morristown, Mo. to haul home the Corn Which they had purchased for the Nation. On the 26th of April they received of J C Combs 256 6/8 bushels of seed corn leaving a balance due of 43 2/8 Bushels. The pro rata divission of the corn has 6 ½ bushels to the head of each family and where the family was large that 2 shares should be given. The place of distribution was appointed at Onezopeah’s that the corn left there should be placed in charge of A G McKensie for distribution. By authority from the Cheifs I have Employed Joseph Geboe to haul the ballance of the corn Amt to 43 2/8 bushels giving him and order to that effect dated May 15th 1861 agreeing to pay him at the rate of 1.25 per [parc]el he taking his pay in corn the Cheifs have allso authorized me to deduct from out of the shares of those who did no haul any whatever sufficient to meet the cost of hauling. A G McKensie Council No 4 May 18th 1861 National Council of the Miamis West held at Onezopeah. Business of the Council was to determine whether they should accept their proportion of the fund appropriated by the last Session of Congress for the releif of the suffering and destitute Indians of Kansas. Marcus Lindsay presented a Letter received by him from Gen Seth Clover to be communicated to the Indians Below is a copp of Letter. Ossage River agency Kansas Paola May 17th 1861 Marcus Lindsay Esqr. Dear Sir I have the [page break] Pleasure to communicate to the members of the Weas and Miami Tribes of Indians of this agency of the arrival of Henry C Whitney Esq the Especial agent for the distribution of the fund by Congress for the releif of the suffering Indian Tribes in Kansas, in consequence of the late severe drouth and he has given an order for the proportional Amt allotted to this agency to Baptiste Peoria and myself for distribution as follows for Confederate Wea Tribe 300 bush corn “ “ “ 40 “ navy beans For the Miami Tribe 300 “ corn “ “ “ 40 “ navy beans “ “ “ “ 50 “ potatos Allso 3 lbs meat a little coffee and sugar to Each Team to Live on when returning with their Loads. Before the arival of Mr Whitney the Teams of the Weas had started for Kansas City Mr Baptiste Peoria and myself will proceed at once and overtake them and change their route to Leavensworth City at which place the corn beans and potatos are shiped to and where we will proceed at once to load the Wea Teams. Now Marcus on receipt of this line you start without a moment’s delay, and have the Miamis called in council and let them start their teams at the Earliest hour possible for Leavensworth City by way of the Wyandott Bridge as it would be the most safe way to get along and I think the Bridge is free of toll by an Act of the Kansas Legislature, being a little further and no means to pay toll with it will --- as we will leave at once and we expect to meet the Miami Teams somewhere on the road and they could come most safe to meet us on the Wyandott Bridge road and when I meet them I will give them an order for the corn beans and potatos as I deem best to load them [while?] and after the teams are loaded and on their way or at some point I will direct where they shall be unloaded for distribution hoping you will not delay an hour and start them at once with as many Teams as possible as the time for planting is at hand. And they must be prompt to ensure a crop for next year and prevent a recurrence of similar distress truly your obdt Svt Seth Clover, Indian Agent Coppy