Miami National Council Book (1860-1862), 12, National Council No. 3

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Letter to J. S. Chick and Co., April 19, 1861, about purchasing seeds. Meeting minutes for National Council No. 3, April 23, 1861, regarding the purchase of seeds and the employment of a blacksmith.


Miami Village Apr 19th 1861 Messrs J. S. Chick & co Gents the Cheifs of the Miami Nation hae desired me to write you concerning the proposition that was made by them through your Agent Clover in regarde to supplying them with a certain amt of seed potatos seed corn &c. They say they do not exactly understand him and they desire that a letter from you directly asking you to state to them upon what terms you can sell them 450 bush Potatos, 450 bush feed corn, 100 bush seed corn. And wait on them untill the fall payment of 1861 for your money, the contract as you understand is a National one. They would allso ask you to state the cash prices, what your advance would be on the same or what Rate of Interest you would ask on the Bill or to state in precise terms what you can do I am Yours Respectfully A G McKensie Coppy [page break] National Council No 3 The Miamis of Kansas in National Council assembled this the 23rd day of April 1861 at their New Council Ground at One zop eahs on Middle Creek, have had under consideration the propriety of purchasing Three hundred bushels of corn from J. C. Combs agent for B. Thomson at the rate of 75 cents per bushel and giveing the obligation of the Nation for the same payable at their next fall payment or sooner if possible after due consideration deeming it nesessary that the corn should be obtained they concluded to authorize their clerk to draw up the note and they would sign it which was done. It was then signed by the Cheifs and the principal men of the Nation. The note was for Two hundred and Twenty five ($225) and bearing interest at the Rate of 10 per cent per annum Payable at their next anual payment. The council then proceeded to act in the Matter relateing to the Employment of Knowl[e]s Shaw as Blackmith. Which was decided on without opposition. The appointment of striker or assistant Blacksmith was then Brought before the council. It was stated that Agent Clover desired the appointment of John Roubideaux as assistant But the council unanimously decided that they would not agree to the appointing of John Roubideaux that they had tried him Before and that he was incompetant. The Council moreover desired that Agent Clover should appoint one of the young men of the nation, wah pon e cop wah, who desired to learn something of the trade. They authorized their Clerk to communicate to Gen Clover their decision in the matter relateing to Black Smith and assistant, which was done. Council adjourned, AG McKensie, Clerk