Miami National Council Book (1860-1862), 10

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Copy of letter to Agent Clover, April 9, 1861, requesting credit to purchase seeds for cultivation. Copy of a shorter letter to Agent Clover, April 9, 1861, with inquiries and urging ASAP.


Coppy of a Letter Written To Gen Seth Clover dated Apr 9 1861 Middle Creek Apr 9 1861 To Gen Seth Clover US Indian Agent Sir We the undersigned Chiefs Headmen and members of the Miami Tribe of Indians, would most Respectfully represint that at this time our Nation is suffering for the want of a proper and sufficient quantity of seed to enable us to cultivate our farms. And they would allso represent that to push forward their Spring work they are allso greateley in need of a quantity of Feed corn to Enable them to sustain their teams untill such time as the Grass will answer. We desire that you will Endeavour while in Kansas City to obtain four our use and Benefit or of the Nation a Loan or Credit with some reliable house to the amount say of five hundred dollars ($500) or enough to procure for us the the following amount of seed Four hundred and Fifty Bushels of Potatoes (450) “ “ “ “ “ “ Feed Corn (450) One “ “ “ “ “ Seed “ (100) Which will be sufficient for our present purpose if you can procure for us a Loan or Credit of the above named articles. We hereby pledge the Credit of the Miami Nation for the redemption of the same at least at the next fall payment, and we hereby authorize you to enter into such contract and to transact such business for the above named articles should the Government allow us to use money that is in your hands or at St Joseph for this purpose we may be enabled to meet the payment at an earlier day than the one Before proposed and would allso suit [page break] us much better. In National Council Assembled We Are Yours Respectfully Nopshingah his x mark Onezopeah his x mark Got E cop wah his x mark Chapondociah his x mark Killsonzah sr his x mark Chinguizah his x mark Wahponecopwah his x mark Sam Stanley his x mark Motosangah his x mark Chapondociah his x mark Kieshecongah his x mark Killsonzah his x mark Coppy of a Letter Written To Gen Seth Clover dated Apr 9 1861 Middle Creek Apr 9 1861 To Gen Seth Clover US Indian Agent Sir we the Undersigned Chiefs would state that acording to your request we have caused our clerk to write you the letters you deemed nesessary for the purposes hoping that you will sucseed in obtaining the seed for us at Kansas we would again urge upon you the nesessity for immediate dispatch in that matter particularly, as the time is fast ariveing when our seed should be planted, should you be fortunate you will be kin[d] enough to let us know immediately so that by the time you are back from St Joseph, we can have all our Teams ready, the money that you have personally in your possession belonging to the Tribe will have to be used to pay the nesessary expenses during the hauling if you should drop us a line you will direct it to Onezopeah at Miami. Hopeing and wishing you all the success possible We Remain Yours Respectfully Nop Shin Gah his x mark Oone zop eah his x mark Gote cop wah his x mark