Francis Godfroy

Francis Godfroy served as chief of the Miami Tribe and is referenced in several Indian Claims Commissions Dockets.
Traditional Knowledge: 

Francis Godfroy was born in March of 1788 near Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is the son of Jacques Godfroy, a French Fur Trader, and an unknown Miami woman. in 1809 he married a Miami woman known as Sacachequah and took a second wife in the 1820s, Sackahquettah. At the signing of the Treaty of St. Mary's in 1818 the United States government gave Godfroy six sections of land along the Salamonie River. It was with these land grants that Francis Godfroy established and operated a trading post. He expanded this busines to another tribal land location along the Wabash River near the mouth of the Mississinewa River. Francis Godfroy held strong influences with the United States governement and used this as leverage to obtain more sections of land for him and his children. Francis Godfroy passed away in Peru, Indiana only six months before the signing of the treaty that would remove the Miami tribe to Kansas.