Brantley Blue

Brantley Blue was the only American Indian to serve as Commissioner for the Indian Claims Commission
Traditional Knowledge: 

Brantley Blue was born in Pembroke, North Carolina. He studied law at Pembroke State College and graduated with a law degree in 1946. Blue furthered his education and earned his doctoral degree from Cumberland University School of Law. Brantley Blue served in the Navy and in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. To begin his public service career, Brantley Blue served as city judge in Kingsport, Tennessee. After President Nixon came into office, he appointed Blue to serve as Commissioner on the Indian Claims Commission. Blue was a member of the Lumbee Indian nation and was the only American Indian to serve as a Commissioner for the Indian Claims Commission. Once the Indian Claims Commission was finished, he later served as special counsel to Native American Consultants Inc. as well as an administrative law judge for the Department of Labor. Brantley Blue passed in his home in Arlington, Virginia due to a heart attack on August 2, 1979.