Bag / Pouch, c. 1830-1835

Beaded wool bag in the North American Ethnographic Collection of the Division of Anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York.

Museum Description: cloth (wool flannel trade cloth, cotton), ribbon (silk), beads (glass), thread, applique, beadwork, embroidery. 

Physical Description: 16cm x 17cm.

NDT Note: a beautiful, well-preserved cultural object, this bag is of red cloth with a multitude of colored beads (blue, white, lavender, light green, black, and gold) and is lined with a natural (or cream) colored cloth, varying triangles make up the dominant motif of this bag with the design on the front differing with that of the back, the front is composed of four triangles whose points meet in the center creating a multi-colored quadrangular shape that draws the eye to the center of this bag, multi-colored rows of diamonds and linear borders surround the focal point of this front side, the flap contains three zigzag designs, one within the other, the edges of the front of the bag are bordered with a blue colored fabric; the back of the bag has as its focal point, four multi-colored triangles that serve to highlight each triangle from the other, bordering these triangles are a medley of zigzag and diamond patterns also multi-colored, the flap houses seven layers of multi-colored zigzag design and is bordered as is the lower half of the bag, with a blue-colored fabric.

Manuscript Catalog reads: "Mr. Philip Ashton Rollins - Gift - 1945-44: 4892 Beaded wool cloth bag. Said to have been collected in N.W. Ohio, about 1830-35. Miami?" (p. 86).

Textile Card reads: "Cat. No. 50.2/4892. Acc. No. 1945-44. Source: Philip A. Rollins. Loom Products: Count. Country: Midwest. Item: Bag. Locale & Tribe: Miami. Collected: N. W. Ohio 1830-35. Technique & Material: Wool flannel trade cloth, silk ribbon applique, glass beadwork embroidery, tan cotton lining. Description & Comments: Red wool with all over multicolor bead work [sic], zig-zag design. Blue silk trim. Other side is the same except for a slightly different design. Condition: silk rotted & worn away other wise [sic] good ["other wise [sic] good" is strikethrough] loose beads & missing beads. Treatment: [blank]. Neg. No. [blank]. Measurements: 16cm. x 17 cm."