Arthur V Watkins

Arthur V Watkins was one of the appointed Commissioners for the Indian Claims Commission
Traditional Knowledge: 

Arthur Vivian Watkins was born on December 18, 1886 in Midway, Utah. He attended Utah Public Schools and enrolled in Brigham Young Academy Prep School at 17. After attending college for three years, Watkins left school to pursue a Church of Latter Day Saints mission. Later, he enrolled in New York University Law School and then in Columbia Law School from which he graduated in 1912. Arthur V. Watkins entered the profession of public service as a judge in the Fourth District Court. In 1936 Watkins ran as a republican candidate for Congress but was unsuccessful. Watkins was resiliant, however, and ran a successful campaign for US Senate 10 years later, and was then re-elected in 1952. During his time in the Senate he served as chairman of the Senate Select Committee and chairman of the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs. Additionally, Arthur Watkins was a strong advoacte for the termination policy of American Indian Tribes. Watkins was defeated in his running for US Senate again in 1958. During his career, Watkins also served as a commissioner for the Indian Claims Commission. He later died in Orem, Utah on September 1, 1973.