Adornment Piece Fragment

Cloth strip with brooches in the North American Ethnographic Collection of the Division of Anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York.

Cloth strip, scarf?, with brooches (107).

Museum Description: cloth (cotton calico).

Physical Description: cloth (cotton calico), metal (silver?); 6.5cm x 104.5cm.

NDT Note: this item was listed in museum records as a scarf, however, seems unlikely, the item was most likely part of a woman's headpiece or had once been part of her blouse whereby the area of cloth with the brooches was detached from the rest of the garment, the cloth is of a medium blue background with light blue dots that form in several layers of circles that comprise a larger dot (hence, a large circle made up of little dots), the cloth is actually two pieces of fabric stitched vertically in the relative middle creating one piece of fabric, which may substantiate the idea that this was once part of a woman's blouse; this cloth strip contains 92 silver brooches of 3 different sizes, generally laid out in rows beginning from the top and working toward the bottom, from smallest to largest, the first, or top, row of the strip contains mostly small brooches half way down the cloth, if viewing it from the left to right, one edge of the cloth is finished (hemmed) but the other edge, as well as the ends, remains unfinished, I believe this also lends credence to the idea that this was once part of a woman's blouse, one of the largest brooches is sewn directly onto the fabric, having lost (or perhaps, never having) its stickpin, the rest of the brooches are attached by their stickpin.

Manuscript Catalog reads: "Baker-Miller Co. Purchase 1915-69: 8661 Strip of blue & white calico with (92) silver broaches [sic], Miami, Indiana" (p. 157).

Textile Card reads: "Cotton, printed. Decorated with 21 large silver broache-like attachments, 46 medium silver broache-like [sic] attachments, 40 small silver broache-like [sic] attachments; Dark blue, printed (small circular motifs), cotton covered by 3 rows of round silver broaches [sic]. Some missing broaches [sic]. Silver very tarnished."