aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2000)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 3, No. 2.

Last Annual Meeting of the Century Draws Near [p. 1] PHOTO: Katherine Wynonia Lucas at age of 14 [p. 1] Photo collection [p. 1] Annual Meeting General Council Saturday, July 1, 2000, Agenda [p. 2] History Section: On the Origins of the Name Miami (Dr. David Costa) [p. 3] How the City of Miami, Oklahoma received its name [p. 3] PHOTO: Thomas F. Richardville, c. 1895 [p. 3] History Section: Look at the Past to Appreciate the Present (Julie Olds) [p. 4] Historic Miami House Still Standing [p. 5] PHOTO: Old Drake allotment Home with Jane Drake in buggy, west end of house [p. 5] Searching for our Miami Veterans [p. 6] PHOTO: Leonard "Pete" Gamble and his mother Ethel Goodboo Gamble, photo supplied by Julia Lankford [p. 6] PHOTO: Floyd Lawrence Doudrick, photo supplied by Robert Doudrick [p. 6] Tribal Member Visits Son in Navy [p. 6] PHOTO: Tribal Member Jerry Lankford visits his son Nathan on USS Alaska [p. 6] John Lafalier appointed as Second Chief [p. 6] PHOTO: John Lafalier [p. 6] More Old Photos added to Archive [p. 7] PHOTO: Members of Goodboo-Gamble Family [p. 7] PHOTO: Adaline Derome Doudrick [p. 7] PHOTO: Grandma Mary Geboe [p. 7] PHOTO: Steamboat 'Colorado' used in Miami removal [p. 7] PHOTO: Albert E. Nitzschke [p. 7] PHOTO: Catherine Goodboo Gordon [p. 7] PHOTO: Albert Nitzschke with parents and siblings [p. 7] PHOTO: Albert Nitzschke with wife and children [p. 7] PHOTO: Children of Thomas Goodboo and Sophia Goodboo [p. 7] New personnel positions created in tribal office [p. 8] PHOTO: Tribal Administrator Rebecca Hawkins [p. 8] PHOTO: Personnel Manager Charla Jimenez [p. 8] PHOTO: Officer Manager Barbara Mullin [p. 8] PHOTO: Gaming Director Karen Fields [p. 8] PHOTO: Receptionist/Admin. Asst. Jana Nixon [p. 8] PHOTO: Accounting Darla Matthews [p. 8] PHOTO: Chief of Tribal Police Mike Honey [p. 8] PHOTO: Maintenance Lonnie Davis [p. 8] PHOTO: Longhouse Director Linda Plott [p. 8] A message from the Tribal Administrator [p. 8] Miami Nation Business Complex holds open house [p. 9] PHOTO: MTOBDA Ribbon Cutting, Lee Siler, Chamber of Commerce; Frank Leonard, Director MTOBDA; Chief Leonard; Louis Mathia, Miami Mayor; Nelson Johnson, Chair MTOBDA; Tom Gamble, Director MTOBDA; Barbara Warner, Chair Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission; Judy Davis, Councilperson Miami Tribe, and J.O. Downing, Councilperson Miami Tribe [p. 9] Impact of Myaamia Institute funds on Miami Library Archives Services (Karen Alexander) [p. 9] Tribe Appoints Foreign Trade Emissary [p. 9] PHOTO: Trade Emissary Ms. Anh Kim Thi Nguyen [p. 9] Tribe Appoints new Director of Public Relations [p. 9] PHOTO: Director of Public Relations George Tiger [p. 9] 'Language is Life' Conference (Daryl Baldwin) [p. 10] PHOTO: Daryl Baldwin teaching the Miami language [p. 10] Leonard Learning Center Taking Shape [p. 11] PHOTO: Leonard Learning Center construction [p. 11] 'Meet the Candidates' Before Annual Meeting [p. 11] Cemetery to be fenced [p. 11] Miami University student to write Miami children's book [p. 11] PHOTO: Miami University student Callie Cook with Chief Leonard and Pat Leonard [p. 11] Inaugural 'Miami Nation Powwow' Held [p. 12] PHOTO: Painting by Charles Banks Wilson of fancy dancer at a powwow [p. 12] Archaeology Project Continues [p. 12] Tribe to Explore Amending Constitution [p. 12] Jim Thorpe Recognition Effort [p. 13] Ethnography Field School Returns [p. 13] Craig Davis Receives Master's Degree [p. 13] PHOTO: Craig E. Davis with Judy Davis [p. 13] Tribal Members Graduate from Miami University [p. 13] PHOTO: Dr. Joseph Leonard, Rachel Bewick, Annika Jennings, and Nichole Prescott [p. 13] Obituaries: Muriel Patricia Tedder [p. 14] PHOTO: Muriel Patricia Tedder [p. 14] Obituaries: Esther Colleen Jay [p. 14] PHOTO: Esther Colleen Jay [p. 14] Obituaries: Maurice E. Grimes [p. 14] PHOTO: Maurice E. Grimes [p. 14] Obituaries: Gene Lafalier [p. 15] PHOTO: Gene Lafalier [p. 15] Obituaries: Nickey Bigheart [p. 15] PHOTO: Nickey Bigheart [p. 15] Births: Wade Trinity Williams [p. 15] PHOTO: Wade Trinity Williams [p. 15] Births: Kalub Wayne Wilson [p. 15] PHOTO: Kalub Wayne Wilson with Chief Floyd Leonard and Amy Lynn Sisk Wilson [p. 15] Births: Shawn Taylor Watson [p. 15] PHOTO: Shawn Taylor Watson [p. 15] Community Garden Project Update [p. 16] PHOTO: 'Lil Bingo Hall in Tribal Headquarters [p. 16].

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Printed as March 2000.