aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2000)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 3, No. 1.

Miami Nation loses Second Chief [p. 1] PHOTO: Late Second Chief Chuck Wade [p. 1] U.S. Census 2000, Vital for ALL Tribal Members to be Counted [p. 1] History Section: Mortuary Customs of the Miami (Anthropologist Beverly Neal) [p. 2] PHOTO: Beverly Neal [p. 2] Tribal Vehicles [p. 4] 5th Annual Winter Stomp Dance Held [p. 5] PHOTO: Chief Leonard with Bob Whitebird [p. 5] PHOTO: Second Councilperson J.O. Downing, First Councilperson Judy Davis, and late Second Chief Chuck Wade serving chili and corn soup [p. 5] PHOTO: Miami Gourd Dancers, Chief Leonard, Sam Steed, and Joe Leonard [p. 5] PHOTO: Late Second Chief Chuck Wade and Patsy Wade with Dr. Reed Anderson from Miami University [p. 5] Letter to the editor: Re: A 'piece' of history... or not? (J. Mark Alley) [p. 6] NAGPRA Workshop held [p. 6] PHOTO: Mildred Walker visits with Park Service employees Beverly Neal and Mike Evans [p. 6] Kansas Gaming Venture Delayed [p. 6] Start planning now for summer Tribal activities [p. 7] Tribe purchases two Miami properties [p. 7] PHOTO: P-Street properties [p. 7] Child Care Program Update [p. 7] Leonard Learning Center under Construction [p. 7] PHOTO: construction of new Leonard Learning Center [p. 7] Tribe hires full time grant writer [p. 8] PHOTO: Rebecca Hawkins [p. 8] Miami Tribe develops agreement with Pequot Pharmaceuticals [p. 8] Library Update (Karen Alexander) [p. 9] PHOTO: Chief Leonard and Karen Alexander with Pendleton Baby blanket won by Tribal Member Randy Smith [p. 9] New Business Development Board created [p. 9] B.I.A. builds new fire station [p. 9] Search for Tribal History spawns first 'Show and Tell' hour [p. 9] Tribal Member enjoys special job (Hugh Morgan) [p. 10] PHOTO: Tribal Member Shelley Hansley with Miss U.S.A., Kim Pressler [p. 10] Recipes for summer 'greens' (Barbara Mullin) [p. 11] New employee in Miami Designs (Hugh Morgan) [p. 11] PHOTO: Miami Designs employee Anna Edwards [p. 11] Tribal Scholarships available [p. 11] Tribe to host first PowWow [p. 11] Obituaries: Richard A. DeRome, Sr. [p. 12] PHOTO: Richard A. DeRome, Sr. [p. 12] Obituaries: George Henry Mayfield [p. 12] Obituaries: Francis Nitzschke [p. 12] PHOTO: Francis Nitzschke [p. 12] Obituaries: Irene May Steffan [p. 12] Obituaries: Helen A. Tipton [p. 12] Tribe will offer 'back to school' money again [p. 13] Miami portrait prints available [p. 13] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard oil painting [p. 13] PHOTO: Modern Miami chiefs graphite drawing commissioned by the Late Second Chief Chuck Wade [p. 13] PHOTO: kiilhsoohkwa, graphite drawing of Granddaughter of Chief Little Turtle [p. 13] Tribal Member is new receptionist at Tribal Office [p. 13] PHOTO: Karen Fields new receptionist at Tribal headquarters with granddaughter "Grace" [p. 13] Tribal grant aids local water district [p. 14] PHOTO: Tischnor Drilling Company won contract for new District 7 Rural Water Well [p. 14] Announcements: Rocket Bingo Winners [p. 14] Birth: Anthony Allen Madill [p. 14] PHOTO: T.C. Madill with Anthony Allen Madill [p. 14] Congratulations to Sarah Emily Long Paea marriage to Mr. Aisake Efalata Paea [p. 14] Miami Tribe now has bottled 'nipi' [p. 14] PHOTO: bottled nipi [p. 14] Business Committee meets with University Representatives [p. 14] More photos from our Stomp Dance! [p. 15] PHOTO: Members of the Business Committee works with University Representatives [p. 14] PHOTO: Gourd Dancers, Chief Leonard dancing in center [p. 15] PHOTO: Tribal Members and Miami University students Kim Wade and Anika Jennings shop at Miami Designs booth [p. 15] PHOTO: Late Second Chief Chuck Wade with Bobbe Burke [p. 15] PHOTO: Chief Leonard with Daphne Vagenas, Asst. Director of Admissions at Miami University [p. 15].

Cultural Narrative: 

Vol. and No. not printed on issue.