aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 2, No. 3 (1999)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 2, No. 3.

6th Annual Winter Stomp Dance Planned [p. 1] PHOTO: group visit to Miami University, Muriel Tedder, Ellen Walcher, Beth Devers, Dr. Reed Anderson, Mildred Walker, Dr. LuMing Mao, Etsuko and Joseph Leonard, Daryl Baldwin, Linda Donati, Kimberly Wade [p. 1] PHOTO: Mel Whitebird gourd dancing at winter dance [p. 1] My experience at Seneca Indian School (Mildred Walker) [p. 2] PHOTO: Mildred Watson Walker [p. 2] 2000 Census: Generations are counting on this. Don't leave it blank [p. 4] U.S. Census Bureau- Jobs Available [p. 4] Myaamionki (Miami Country): Lands the Miami call 'home' [p. 5] Map of Myaamionki, Indiana, parts of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois [p. 5] Pat Leonard: Generous with her talents [p. 6] PHOTO: Pat Leonard with six Miami University students receiving shawls [p. 6] Recipients comment on Mrs. Leonard's gifts of shawls (Miami University student Danielle Rapp) [p. 7] PHOTO: Danielle Rapp speaking [p. 7] Who will be the First Miami born in the year 2000? [p. 7] Mildred Walker, daughters visit university [p. 8] PHOTO: Mildred Walker and Vice President of Student Affairs at Miami University Dr. Myrtis Powell [p. 8] What others said about the Walker family visit [p. 9] Identification of Persons in Page One Photograph [p. 9] Persimmons, pumpkins light up fall [p. 10] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin [p. 10] PHOTO: Evelyn Bellmyer won trophies in art judging at the Ottawa Powwow [p. 10] 'Jesuit Relations' set available for research in Tribal Library (Julie Olds) [p. 11] 31st Algonquian Language Conference held (Julie Olds) [p. 11] Tribe sponsors golf tourney at Peoria course [p. 11] New website for Tribe [p. 11] Media group plans documentary on Woodland Tribes [p. 11] A 'piece' of history... or not? (Julie Olds) [p. 12] A new logo for the Miami Nation [p. 12] Many address updates needed [p. 12] Bids opened for Childcare Facility [p. 12] NAGPRA Workshop planned for January 27-28, 2000 [p. 13] Searching for 'volunteers' to learn Miami ribbon work [p. 13] Searching for traditional dance clothes and dancers [p. 13] Tribe supports local Fire Union [p. 14] PHOTO: Members of the Fire Fighters Union and Business Committee members Chuck Wade, Julie Olds, and J. O. Downing [p. 14] Watson Family gift presented to Stables [p. 14] PHOTO: Chief Leonard presented picture to Stables' manager Mark Whitely [p. 14] Student Projects to Benefit Tribe [p. 14] PHOTO: Miami University student Christian Candella, Tribal Environmental Program Director Marilyn Rogers, and Miami University Architecture Instructor Tom Briner [p. 14] Who are our oldest living Tribal members? [p. 15] University aids Tribe in history project [p. 15] Obituary: Brandee M. (Gamble) Umbarger [p. 15] Friends of the Library are Friends Indeed! (Karen Alexander) [p. 15] PHOTO: Laurie Fehrenbach, Carolyn Fisher, and Karen Alexander [p. 15].

Cultural Narrative: 

Vol. and No. not printed on issue.