aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 2, No. 2 (1999)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 2, No. 2.

Tribal membership over 2,000, Chief tells annual meeting [p. 1] PHOTO: Red Earth Day Parade, Chief Floyd Leonard with Anna McKibben and Jess McKibben [p. 1] PHOTO: Ashlee Mullin, Tribal Princess 1998-99 performs The Lord's Prayer in sign language [p. 1] A look at the annual meeting at Tribal Headquarters July 3 [p. 2] PHOTO: Pam Olds wins a quilt made by Dolly Baughman [p. 2] PHOTO: Bruce Hays explains gourd dance in Tribal Library [p. 2] PHOTO: Roy Ross carves roast pig for annual tribal luncheon [p. 2] PHOTO: Former Miami tribal princesses, Julie Olds, Tammi Benson, Amanda Sanderson, Melissa Dawn Foster, and Ashlee Mullin [p. 2] PHOTO: Tribal members taking seats for the annual meeting [p. 2] PHOTO: Tribal members at special luncheon before annual meeting [p. 2] A look at Family Day at the Longhouse on July 2 [p. 3] PHOTO: Kyle Lankford and Kolby Lankford with Chief Floyd Leonard [p. 3] PHOTO: Tribe's D.A.R.E. Officer Crystal Bolles presentation [p. 3] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard in regalia for photographs by Charla Jimenez, with Judy and Leonard Perkins and Mary Mae Allen [p. 3] PHOTO: Chief Leonard with Sam, Nancy, Diana, and Jacob Steed [p. 3] PHOTO: Business Council member J. O. Downing with Mildred Watson Walker and Muriel Tedder [p. 3] Ground broken for Leonard Learning Center [p. 4] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard addressing visitors [p. 4] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard with Business Committee members Julie Davis, Julie Olds, Chuck Wade, Patsy Wade, J. O. Downing, Karen Alexander [p. 4] PHOTO: Dignitaries pose at sign for Leonard Learning Center [p. 4] Miami University President visits Tribe in early August [p. 5] PHOTO: Miami University President James Garland with Chief Leonard [p. 5] PHOTO: Miami University President James and Dr. Carole Garland at teepee [p. 5] Tribal Library/Archives receives two grants [p. 5] Librarians from the Ukraine tour Miami facilities [p. 5] Tribe awards four $1,000 scholarships to college students [p. 5] Anna Woods retires from career at Longhouse [p. 6] PHOTO: Jay and Anna Woods [p. 6] PHOTO: Anna Woods [p. 6] "I felt protected": Anna Woods tells of an encounter at the Longhouse [p. 7] Indian Health Clinic enhances diabetes care [p. 8] PHOTO: Ted Bearden, director of Miami Indian Health Center, and Karen Brunner, diabetes specialist [p. 8] PHOTO: The Indian Health Clinic [p. 9] Symptoms of diabetes, risk factors for diabetes [p. 9] Healthy Fry Bread: Alternative recipe to an Indian tradition [p. 9] 3 new members named to Grievance Committee [p. 9] PHOTO: Paul Jones [p. 9] PHOTO: Patsy Henson [p. 9] PHOTO: Karen Fields [p. 9] A rare opportunity for Miami University students and their professor: Summer Linguistics Workshop held in Oklahoma (English/Linguistics Miami University Professor LuMing Mao) [p. 10] PHOTO: Professor LuMing Mao with Julie Olds [p. 10] Many modern sports owe origins to Miami pastimes [p. 11] PHOTO: Mildred McCreery and Marian Faddis with Dorothy Marshall [p. 11] Second Annual children's camp held in Northwest (Larry Smith) [p. 12] PHOTO: Girls get instructions on the fire pit [p. 12] PHOTO: Warriors build the wiikiaami [p. 12] Myaamiaki eemaamwicki: Annual Language Camp a Success [p. 13] PHOTO: Deana Garza teaches memory game to Michael Garza and Joshua Mullin [p. 13] PHOTO: Some of the language camp participants pose outside Ottawa campgrounds [p. 13] PHOTO: Deana Garza reads paper written by Dr. David Costa [p. 13] PHOTO: Debbie Steed reviews language lesson [p. 13] Barbara Mullin's Recipe Corner: Fried Mush and Sassafras Jelly [p. 14] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin [p. 14] D.A.R.E. program continues thanks to fund-raising efforts [p. 14] PHOTO: Crystal Bolles [p. 14] Mihsihkinaahkwa Powwow from Miami Tribe of Indiana [p. 15] PHOTO: Julie Olds and Daryl Baldwin [p. 15] PHOTO: Julie Olds, Evelyn Bellmyer, Sharon and Ken Prescott dancing [p. 15] Chief Floyd Leonard and Les Cusher, executive director of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, talk with Paul Strack, chief of the Miami Tribe of Indiana [p. 15] PHOTO: Ken Bellmard, attorney, speaks at Annual Government Day [p. 15] PHOTO: Lois Von Hemel celebrates birthday [p. 15] PHOTO: Second Chief Chuck Wade and Patsy Wade [p. 15] PHOTO: Evelyn Bellmyer lead dancer during Second Annual Elders' Celebration in Wyandotte sponsored by the Painted Horse War Dance Society and the Miami Tribe [p. 16] PHOTO: Jim Watson, Tom Watson, Jackson Watson, and Bill Watson for annual Watson Family Reunion at Longhouse [p. 16] PHOTO: Freda Olds and Ben Olds next to quilt [p. 16] Tribe reaches agreement on self-governance [p. 16].