aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 2, No. 1 (1999)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 2, No. 1.

PHOTO: 19th century photograph of Western Miami Chiefs from tribal headquarters, David Geboe, Peter Lafalier, John B. Roubidoux, Thomas Miller, Louis Lafontaine, unidentified government agent, Thomas F. Richardville, and two unidentified agents [p. 1] Tribe anticipates annual festivities [p. 1] Annual General Council Meeting, July 4, 1998, Minutes [p. 2] Annual Meeting Week Activities [p. 3] Master woodworker Bill Watson makes display cabinets, tables for Miami Tribe [p. 4] PHOTO: Bill Watson next to display cabinet [p. 4] PHOTO: Table made by Bill Watson [p. 4] PHOTO: Bill and Clara Watson [p. 5] PHOTO: Young Bill and Clara Watson [p. 5] Tribe hosts week-long camp to reclaim language [p. 6] PHOTO: Miami University students from linguistics class taught by Professor LuMing Mao, pictured Mike Gabriel, Alison Phillips, Chao Li, David Ramsey, Charles LaWarre, Julie Olds, Annie Xiu, Dr. Mao, Rebecca Kebbel, Daryl Baldwin, Kay Siebler [p. 6] Tribal license tags to be discontinued [p. 6] Kim Wade receives Distinguished Service Award [p. 7] PHOTO: Kim Wade with Bobbe Burke, Julie Olds, Dr. James Garland, Pat and Chief Floyd Leonard, and Myrtis Powell [p. 7] PHOTO: Miami University Professor James Hamill talks with students Andrew Dueber, Char Granger, and Sarah Poff [p. 7] Miami University class develops Tribal website [p. 7] Meet the Miami business committee [p. 8] PHOTO: Judy Davis [p. 8] PHOTO: J. O. Downing [p. 8] PHOTO: Floyd Leonard [p. 8] INSERT: 1999-2000 School Supply Application PHOTO: Chuck Wade [p. 9] PHOTO: Julie Olds [p. 9] Members added to roll [p. 9] Jacob Dunn's work continues to benefit Tribe, Early Miami-English dictionaries assist in modern-day language revitalization efforts [p. 10] PHOTO: sketch by Julie Olds of Indiana historian Jacob Dunn [p. 10] New environmental director Marilyn Rogers seeks to involve youth, elders in projects [p. 11] PHOTO: Marilyn Rogers [p. 11] PHOTO: Sales Clerk Mary Brewer at gift shop [p. 11] E-mail 'news list' available [p. 11] Discrimination targeting Tribe's modern buffalo [p. 12] PHOTO: Les Cusher [p. 12] Rocket Bingo Celebrates Anniversary [p. 12] University sponsors Oklahoma workshops [p. 12] Tribe advances in self-governance process [p. 13] The award goes to... Nickey Bigheart Wins Award [p. 13] PHOTO: Nickey Bigheart with Bill Bigheart and Teri Rife [p. 13] Tribe awards four scholarships [p. 13] Traditional springtime Indian recipes [p. 14] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin [p. 14] PHOTO: Miami Tribal members Julia A. Gamble Lankford, Virgil D. Gamble and M. Lucille Gamble Covault in regalia [p. 14] Library update: The little library that could (Karen Alexander) [p. 15] Book Review: "Always a People: Oral Histories of Contemporary Woodland Indians" (Karen Alexander) [p. 15] Birth announcements: Grace (Gracie) Ty Ann Wright [p. 15] Birth announcements: Troy Michael Watson [p. 15] Library language materials available [p. 15] PHOTO: Four Miami Generations: Aviana Nicole Shellenberger, with Karen Doudrick Shellenberger, Robert Lawrence Doudrick, and Robert Wilford Doudrick [p. 16] Inter-Tribal Council makes funds available for higher education [p. 16] Sign Up for Individual Programs [p. 16].

Cultural Narrative: 

Actually printed as aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 2, No. 3.