aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 11, No. 2 (2013)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 11, No. 2.

Myaamia Project Matures to Myaamia Center [pg 1A] PHOTO: Miami University Provost Jim Oris (left) shakes hands with Myaamia Project Director Daryl Baldwin, with Chief Tom Gamble and Councilperson Scott Willard looking on, during a presentation at the Longhouse, on January 28, formally announcing the University’s decision to give the Myaamia Project a new status as the Myaamia Center. Photo by Andrew Strack [pg 1A] PHOTO: Chief's Report [pg 1A] PHOTO: Judy Davis Appointed to State Education Committee [pg 1A] PHOTO: Kelsey Young Honored [pg 1A] Time Capsule Placed at Drake House, by Julie Olds [pg 1A] PHOTO: Tribal members and guests surround the west porch of the newly restored north wing of the historic Drake House to witness the creation of a time capsule relating to the history of the property. The capsule was sealed into the exterior stone fireplace and will not be opened until the year 2063. Photo by Andrew Strack [pg 1A] aacimwita akima: The Chief Reports, by Chief Thomas E. Gamble [pg 2A] PHOTO: Chief Tom Gamble [pg 2A] aacimwita akima: The Chief Reports [pg 3A] aacimwita akima: The Chief Reports [pg 4A] PHOTO: Work is well underway in the construction of the new 7,200 square foot multi-purpose facility. The building is designed to seat approximately 250 people and will be the new home of the Nation’s annual General Council Meeting and will provide ample space for special events and education programs. The new building is the fourth structure in the building complex known as the MAC (Myaamia Activities Complex) located on E. 65 Road two miles west of North Miami, OK [pg 4A] New Myaamia Education Office Launched, by Julie Olds [pg 5A] PHOTO: The new logo representing the Myaamia Education Office. The colors of the directions are represented in the colors of the hands reaching toward the medicine leaf held in the hand of an elder (represented by the black hand) [pg 5A] PHOTO: Gloria Steed brings a Masters Degree in Education and an Administrator’s Certification, along with 13 years experience in Education Administration to her new role as Myaamia Education Officer [pg 5A] Donya Williams has been serving the Myaamia Community for the past 5 years as a student services manager. Mrs. Williams will continue that work in her new role as Student Services Coordinator in the new Myaamia Education Office [pg 5A] Myaamia Project Matures to Myaamia Center [pg 5A] The Myaamia Center staff: (l to r), Andrew Strack, Elise Brauckmann, Daryl Baldwin, Bobbe Burke and George Ironstrack. Photo, courtesy of the Myaamia Center [pg 5A] Tribal Attorney Robin Lash Voted OTGRA Regulator of the Year and National Indian Gaming Assoc. Bruce Longhorn Memorial Award Recipient [pg 6A] PHOTO: Tribal Attorney Robin Lash [pg 6A] The Miami Tribe Remembers Sandy Hook Tragedy [pg 6A] Myaamia Activity Center Hosts 2013 Quilt Show, by Laurie Shade [pg 6A] keewiihkawickiki... The Visit [pg 6A] PHOTO: Pictured at right; Second Councilperson Scott Willard, Katie Sherwood, Glen Coulter and First Councilperson Donya Williams [pg 6A] aahsanteeki: Here Comes the Sun! New Miami Nation Casino Set to Open in late May, 2013 [pg 7A] PHOTO: The exterior of the new Prairie Sun Casino. Landscaping, machine installation and finishing touches are underway [pg 7A] PHOTOS: Tribal members Travis Hoots (above left) and Todd Gainer (above right) were part of the construction crew at the new Prairie Sun Casino. Todd Gainer is a Security Guard for the new casino [pg 7A] PHOTO: Prairie Sun employee, and Tribal member, Kayla Underhill installs one of the 251 machines in the new hall [pg 7A] PHOTO: The bathrooms at the new Prairie Sun Casino are trimmed with myaamia ribbonwork on inlaid wall tile. WC Flooring, owned by Tribal member Brad Grimes did the tile installation for the new structure. Pictured above are Tribal member Don Grimes, of WC Flooring, Second Chief Doug Lankford, and Tribal Member Jody Gamble. Chief Lankford is over technology for the Tribe and handled the intricate wiring and server installation for the casino. Jody Gamble has served as construction manager for the facility [pg 7A] PHOTO: Laughing Waters, LLC, a Native Woman owned and operated company, installed the unique casino floor. Laughing Waters team members, pictured above, during the installation are, l to r, Jeffrey Heath, carpenter; Ginger Stevens, President/Owner; and Gary Stevens, Director of Field Operations. kweehsitoolaanki [pg 7A] Oklahoma Governor Appoints Former Myaamia Chief Judy Davis to Advisory Council on Indian Education [pg 8A] PHOTO: Judy Davis [pg 8A] Kelsey Young Elected to National Leadership Role [pg 8A] PHOTO: Kelsey Young [pg 8A] New Northeastern Tribal Health System Facility Opened [pg 8A] PHOTO: The Miami Tribe’s exhibit, created by MHMA archivist Meghan Dorey, located inside the NTHS clinic [pg 8A] PHOTO: The beautiful entrance to the new Northeastern Tribal Health System’s clinic located on Hwy 137 2 miles north of the Miami Nation headquarters in Miami, OK [pg 8A] A stone fireplace graces the central breezeway/patient waiting area of the new NTHS clinic [pg 8A] Allotment Grant Research Yields New Images [pg 1B] PHOTO: Photo of Oscar LaFalier submitted by Gary Parsons [pg 1B] Photo of George and Mary (Drake) VanDusen submitted by Gary Parsons [pg 1B] Photo of the Silver Dollar Lucas family submitted by Brooke (Evans) Eastburn [pg 1B] aancihtoonki kiihkihsenki - A Mended Picture, by George Ironstrack [1B] PHOTO: aancihtoonki kiihkihsenki [pg 1B] aacimwinki niimihki šikaakonki - (A Story of a Chicago Fort), by George Ironstrack [pg 2B] PHOTO: Strip of brass in Chicago sidewalk laying out the position of Fort Dearborn. Neewe to Karen Baldwin for all of the excellent pictures of the bridge and its associated sculptures and text [pg 2B] PHOTO: Northwest corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The pillar includes a relief sculpture by Henry Hering titled “Defense.” More of the brass strips are visible in the pavement in front of the pillar [pg 2B] PHOTO: Closer view of Hering’s “Defense” sculpture. The man in the center with the sword is supposed to be Eepiihkaanita [pg 2B] aacimwinki niimihki šikaakonki - (A Story of a Chicago Fort), by George Ironstrack [pg 3B] PHOTO: Myaamionki (Place of the Myaamia) with approximate locations of related tribes. The large red oval marks our heartlands on the upper Wabash River, the white circles our largest villages, the white circle with red inset is Kiihkayonki (Ft. Wayne, Indiana), and the blue circle at the southern end of Lake Michigan is Šikaakonki (Chicago) [pg 3B] aacimwinki niimihki šikaakonki, by George Ironstrack [pg 4B] PHOTOS: Portraits of Eepiihkaanita, also known as William Wells, on the left and Mihšihkinaahkwa, also known as Little Turtle, on the right. The Portrait of Eepiihkaanita was probably taken between 1803-1810 and is in the collection of the Chicago Historical Society. The portrait of Mihšihkinaahkwa was painted by Myaamia artist Julie Olds and is based on available information regarding his appearance [pg 4B] PHOTO: Fort Dearborn in 1831. This drawing shows Fort Dearborn in the decades after the War of 1812. While the structure of the fort is different from the Fort in 1812, the drawing gives a sense of the 1812 fort’s position and its surrounding geography [pg 4B] aacimwinki niimihki šikaakonki [pg 5B] PHOTO: Bust of Jean Baptiste Point de Sable [pg 5B] PHOTO: Plaque commemorating the Kinzie Mansion [pg 5B] PHOTO: Battle of Fort Dearborn Park. The text of this sign represents a positive step forward in recognizing the complexities of the War of 1812. The rededication of the park that produced this sign is an example of the good that can come from more inclusive discussions and decision-making [pg 5B] waanantakhšinka... Lying Quietly [pg 6B] Catherine M. (Strack) Nagy (Golden Oak Leaf) [pg 6B] PHOTO: Catherine (Strack) Nagy [pg 6B] Betty Illeene Evans Patterson [pg 6B] William Howard Hammond [pg 6B] William Howard Hammond [pg 6B] PHOTO: William Howard Hammond [pg 6B] kweehsitoolaanki... we show our respect Tribal Member Joshua Pilkinton in Marine Training [pg 6B] PHOTO: Joshua Pilkinton [pg 6B] toopeeliciki... They accomplish it [pg 6B] PHOTO: Grace Lankford [pg 6B] toopeeliciki... They accomplish it [pg 7B] Cory Thomas Ward [pg 7B] PHOTO: Cory Thomas Ward [pg 7B] Zachary Sine [pg 7B] PHOTO: Zachary Sine [pg 7B] peenaalinta... one who is born [pg 7B] Joely Anne and Rileigh Jo Bertram [pg 7B] PHOTO: Joely and Rileigh Bertram [pg 7B] Jordi Lazaro Ironstrack [pg 7B] PHOTO: Jordi Lazaro Ironstrack [pg 7B] Mason Ellis Shaw [pg 7B] PHOTO: Mason Ellis Shaw [pg 7B] Ansley Pearl Lankford [pg 7B] PHOTO: Baby Ansley Pearl Lankford with her siblings Kadi and Hagen [pg 7B] Josiah Van Dorey [pg 7B] PHOTO: Josiah Van Dorey [pg 7B] The Geboe House Restoration Project, by George Strack [pg 8B] PHOTO: Early stages of restoration work at the Chief David Geboe allotment home [pg 8B] Violence Against Women Authorization Act of 2013 [pg 8B] Drake Heritage Farm Important Step Toward Tribal Food System, by Dustin Olds [pg 8B] The “Next Generation” Comes of Age: Jarrid Baldwin to Begin Special Project in Language Education, by Julie Olds [pg 1C] PHOTO: Jarrid Baldwin - ciinkwia (pictured above right as a Miami University Senior and at far right participating in a myaamia puppet show during youth language camp) will join the Tribe’s language education effort for a special project beginning in July 2013 [pg 1C] Community Lacrosse Challenge Set for June 27, 2013 [pg 1C] PHOTO: Eewansaapita youth traveled to Seneca-Cayuga grounds in June of last year for a community game. The Miami Tribe will host a challenge with the Seneca-Cayuga on myaamia grounds in late June of this year [pg 1C] New Phrasebook "Going to School" Soon to Be Printed, by Julie Olds [pg 1C] PHOTO: Phrasebook "Going to School" [pg 1C] Myaamia Youth myaamiinse [pg 2C] Šaaye aawiki eensiwatoonki Time for planting! [pg 2C] PHOTOS: Myaamia Youth [pg 2C] Eewansaapita Website [pg 2C] Words to Know [pg 2C] Keetwi kati ansiwatooyani kitahkinki? What are you planting in your garden this year? [pg 3C] Meeloohkami miiciona Spring Foods [pg 3C] Paapankamwa kweelotanki miincipi ansiwataakana. wiiciilamaahkani meehkanki. Fox lost his corn seed. You must help him find it! [pg 3C] College Financial Aid and Scholarship Applications [pg 4C] Back-to-school Fund Applications [pg 4C] Weather Blog Feature [pg 4C] Pretty Place Salon Open in Activity Center [pg 4C] PHOTO: Pretty Place Salon stylist Debbie Mahurin [pg 4C] Attention Miami Tribal Families [pg 4C]

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