aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 1, No. 3 (1999)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 1, No. 3.

Winter Stomp Dance a success [p. 1] PHOTO: Chief Little Turtle's granddaughter Kilsoquah and her son, taken in Roanoke, Wisconsin, given by Eastern Shawnee Chief George "Buck" Captain [p. 1] "I find Native Americans are artistic in one way or another": Miami Tribal member becomes silversmith [p. 2] PHOTO: Statue of Little Turtle in Royce Carter's living room, obtained from artist Griffin [p. 2] PHOTO: jewelry made by Royce Carter [p. 2] PHOTO: Royce Carter polishes ring [p. 2] PHOTO: Julie Olds watches Royce Carter in Grove [p. 3] PHOTO: Royce Carter with mother Dolly Tipton Carter Baughman on tribal headquarters visit [p. 3] Request from Chief leads to new silver crown for princess [p. 3] What is your name? The Tradition of Receiving a Miami name (Julie Olds) [p. 4] PHOTO: Second Chief Chuck Wade with Associate Dean of Miami University Dr. Reed Anderson and Fran Anderson at Winter Stomp Dance [p. 4] A formal announcement of annual meeting [p. 4] Eight Tribes in Northeast Oklahoma plan tribal village, heritage museum [p. 5] PHOTO: Director of Economic Development for Inter-Tribal Complex Helen Christie and Tourism Director Don Giles [p. 5] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard with Gloria Wilson, superintendent for the Miami BIA Agency [p. 5] Gourd dance honors veterans, elders [p. 6] PHOTO: Members of the Quapaw Intertribal Gourd Dance Society, Lou Ramsey, Raymond Griffin, Bob Woolery, Bruce Hays, and Bob Stark [p. 6] PHOTO: Members of the Inter-Tribal Song Chiefs sing during gourd dance [p. 7] PHOTO: Miami Robert Doudrick with President of the Society Bruce Hays [p. 7] PHOTO: Women wearing shawls join in the gourd dance [p. 7] PHOTO: Annika Jenings at Miami University [p. 7] Miami voices: Tribal visitors to the Winter Stomp Dance [p. 8] PHOTO: Sammye Leonard Darling [p. 8] PHOTO: Robert Doudrick [p. 8] PHOTO: Debbie Steed [p. 8] Letter from a member: A view of language camps, an Algonquin conference, and the winter stomp dance (Nichole Prescott) [p. 9] PHOTO: Nichole Prescott [p. 9] Tribal happenings at Miami University [p. 10] PHOTO: Jennifer Olds gives graduate recital in Souers Recital Hall [p. 10] PHOTO: Jennifer Olds with parents Joe Don and Joan Olds, Jayne Williamson, Jeff Olds [p. 10] PHOTO: Miami University Professor Dr. Robert Vogel with Dr. Joseph Leonard, Julie Boyce, Megan Koch, Mark Mussman, and Carrie Hyatt [p. 10] Native American Job Fair scheduled in April [p. 10] Linguistics workshop scheduled for summer [p. 10] Tribal members participate during activities at art market, stomp dance [p. 11] PHOTO: Business Committee Member J. O. Downing and daughter Debra Von Feldt at art market PHOTO: Sharon Prescott exhibits gourds PHOTO: First Councilperson Judy Davis welcomes Miami University student William Young to winter festivities PHOTO: Evelyn Bellmyer teaches peyote stitching French professor in Indiana begins project to translate Miami dictionaries into English [p. 12] PHOTO: Professor of French at the University of Southern Indiana Leslie Roberts translating dictionary [p. 12] PHOTO: Kim Harner is the tribe's new accountant [p. 12] Large crowds pack The Stables [p. 13] Miami Tribe plans development of water quality program [p. 13] 'News List' available [p. 13] Hominy used for Indian dishes [p. 14] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin [p. 14] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin given purse from Julie Olds for winning grape dumpling contest at Winter Stomp Dance, Bobbe Burke in photo [p. 14] PHOTO: Kim Wade as shell shaker during Winter Stomp Dance [p. 14] United Nations honors Daryl Baldwin (Julie Olds) [p. 15] PHOTO: Daryl Baldwin Receives Recognition from United Nations Committee for the Decade of Indigenous Peoples, with Karen Baldwin, Julie Olds, Dr. Richard Grounds [p. 15] Addresses sought of tribal members [p. 15] Members, friends begin making contributions: Loss of federal grants curtails service at tribal library (Karen Alexander) [p. 16] Obituaries: Dale Otho Robert Evans [p. 16] PHOTO: Birth of Daniel Kayleb Madill [p. 16].