aatotankiki myaamiaki, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1998)

aatotankiki myaamiaki ("What the Miamis are talking about," the tribal newspaper), Vol. 1, No. 2.

The Stables opens for bingo, off-track betting [p.1 ] PHOTO: Stables [p. 1] A Miami buffalo hunt in Kansas in 1854, Kansas State Historical Society [p. 2] Tribe applies for self-governance in use of funds [p. 4] Tribal library is praised [p. 4] PHOTO: Bonnie Biggs, president of American Indian Library Associations, Karen Alexander [p. 4] Tribal Library/Archives loses grants [p. 5] Richard Kelley named Outstanding American [p. 5] PHOTO: Richard Eugene Kelley [p. 5] Tribal gift shop now 'The Miami Trader' [p. 5] Graduates from Harvard (Brent G. Schlotthauer) [p. 5] Gaming Money: How it is used by tribe [p. 6] Tribe calls for resumes from members who seek jobs at headquarters [p. 6] Miami tribal language program going through transition (Karen Alexander) [p. 7] Collaborative effort produces newsletter [p. 7] Report on Tribe's annual meeting week [p. 7] PHOTO: Joseph Leonard speaks at rally at Miami University [p. 7] PHOTO: "Friend or Foe" bronze statue by Doug Hyde [p. 7] PHOTO: Billy Watson, Cabinet maker [p. 7] Tribe holds stomp dance at university [p. 8] PHOTO: Julie Olds, Miami University President James Garland and Carole Garland [p. 8] PHOTO: Judy Davis, former Miami University President Phillip Shriver and granddaughter Lindsay LaVine [p. 8] PHOTO: Second Chief Chuck Wade, Miami University Provost Anne Hopkins [p. 8] PHOTO: Stomp dancers at Shriver Center [p. 8] PHOTO: Julie Olds and Bobbe Burke [p. 8] A letter from a Miami living abroad (Wesley Leonard) [p. 9] PHOTO: Wesley Leonard [p. 9] PHOTO: donation of Luke Scheer papers, Chief Floyd Leonard and Neil Watson [p. 9] Many languages, one goal: speak Indian: A Summary of the Preston Language Conference (Daryl Baldwin and Julie Olds) [p. 10] For Native Americans only: Rules for obtaining permits to own eagle feathers [p. 10] Tribes applies for grants for environmental center [p. 11] PHOTO: Daryl Baldwin and Rosanna Sheppard [p. 11] Cd-rom to teach Miami Language available [p. 11] Who is Butler National? [p. 11] Ashlee Mullin, who has compiled a strong record of community involvement named Miami Princess [p. 12] PHOTO: Chief Floyd Leonard and Ashlee Mullin [p. 12] Tribe receives first grant for programs to purchase, rehabilitate homes [p. 12] Bill Bigheart named to advisory committee of National Organization of Victim Assistance [p. 13] Kolby Lankford roached at Ottawa celebration [p. 13] PHOTO: Kolby Lankford roached, father Doug Lankford [p. 13] Tribe expands police force to 4 officers [p. 14] PHOTO: Bob Woodcock [p. 14] PHOTO: Crystal Bolles [p. 14] Annual Miami Tribal Stomp Dance, Market Scheduled for Jan. 29-30 [p. 14] Tribe opens Silk Screen Printing Shop [p. 14] Using blackberries, cornmeal to make traditional Southern Style Cornbread [p. 15] PHOTO: Barbara Mullin [p. 15] PHOTO: birth of Jace Christian Williams [p. 15] PHOTO: birth of Allison Hall Eikenberry [p. 15] Obituaries: Maurice E. Grimes Jr. [p. 15] Obituaries: Indiana Miami Chief dies, Frances Dunnagan [p. 15] An explanation: Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act [p. 16].